We are thrilled to announce that a US tech accelerator has chosen our Canadian company, Skills4Good AI, to expand our presence in the US via Denver, Colorado.

In the vibrant city of Denver, known for its entrepreneurial spirit and thriving business ecosystem, Skills4Good AI was chosen to participate in the 7th Global Landing Pad program for international startups hosted by the Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO) agency, in partnership with the World Trade Center (WTC) Denver.

It was also an honor for Skills4Good AI to be chosen as a Global Landing Pad Program Expert Speaker on “Global Privacy & AI Compliance for Global SMBs".

Congratulations to Stephanie Garnica, DEDO Director for Global Business Development, and her team Vanessa Simsick,  Martin Gonzalez, and Ivana Horvat on the super-informative international startups' program they organized.

Thanks also to Karen Gerwitz, the dynamic CEO of World Trade Center Denver, Sandi Moilanen, and Tanya Arnt for cohosting the Global Landing Pad to help global SMBs scale internationally!

Super thanks too to Canadian Trade Commissioner David Smith of Global Affairs Canada, and the Skills4Good AI  mentors who shared their wisdom and insights on how to scale in the US:  Stephen Crockett, Adrian Castro, and Matt Clark!