Leaders On Board Program

Leaders On Board Program

Leaders On Board Program

Leaders On Board Program


Unlock your potential as a governance leader with the Leaders on Board Program, where ethical leadership meets diversity and inclusion. This program provides the knowledge and tools needed for leadership roles across nonprofit boards. Dive into a curriculum designed to hone your leadership qualities, emphasizing integrity and agility in decision-making.

What You’ll Learn

  • Ethical Leadership

    Ethical Leadership

    Embrace leadership grounded in ethical principles, building trust, and fostering accountability in every interaction.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Cultivate environments that celebrate diversity, drive equity, and embrace varied perspectives for enriched decision-making.

  • Strategic Decision-Making

    Strategic Decision-Making

    Sharpen your decision-making skills, readying you for the complexities and challenges of leadership across sectors.

Course Outline

Part 1: What Exactly Are Nonprofits?

Lesson 1: What are Nonprofits? Features of Nonprofits
Lesson 2: Types of Nonprofits. Comparing Nonprofits & Businesses
Lesson 3: The Canadian Nonprofit Sector.
Lesson 4: Nonprofit’s Lifecycle Stages

Part 2: What Is Governance?

Lesson 5: What Is Governance? What is a Board of Directors?
Lesson 6: Why is Good Governance Important? Governance vs. Management
Lesson 7: Three Modes of Good Governance: Fiduciary, Strategic & Generative
Lesson 8: Three Models for Board Governance: Working, Governance-Only & Mixed Model

Part 3: Ten Board Responsibilities

Lesson 9: One: Determine Mission. Two: Select CEO.
Lesson 10: Three: Manage the CEO. Four: Undertake Strategic Thinking.
Lesson 11: Five: Monitor & Evaluate Programs. Six: Ensure Adequate Financial Resources.
Lesson 12: Seven: Provide Financial Oversight. Eight: Build a Competent Board.
Lesson 13: Nine: Ensure Legal & Ethical Integrity. Ten: Enhance Nonprofit’s Public Standing.

Part 4: Primary Duties of Board Directors

Lesson 14: Fiduciary Duty. What is Conflict of Interest? Why Conflicts of Interest Should Concern Boards.
Lesson 15: Conflict of Interest: Tools & Strategies. Tips for Avoiding Conflict of Interest.
Lesson 16: Duty of Care: Compliance, Transparency & Accountability. The Business Judgment Rule.
Lesson 17: Liabilities & Risk Management. Types of Risk. Ways to Reduce Risk & Liability.

Part 5: Five Main Responsibilities of Board Directors

Lesson 18: Be Committed to the Mission.
Lesson 19: Attend Board Meetings.
Lesson 20: Develop Staff Relationships.
Lesson 21: Support Fundraising.
Lesson 22: Serve as Ambassador.

Part 6: Impact of Serving & Finding the Right Board

Lesson 23: Impact of Serving: Personal Benefits. Employer Benefits. Nonprofit Benefits.
Lesson 24: Questions to Ask Yourself.
Lesson 25: Questions to Ask the Nonprofit. Questions the Nonprofit May Ask You.

Why These Skills Are Essential

  • Innovative Leadership

    Innovative Leadership

    Equip yourself with ethical leadership skills that prioritize integrity and accountability, essential for today’s dynamic work environments.

  • Leadership in Action

    Embrace Diversity

    Learn to create and lead within environments that value diversity and inclusion, enhancing organizational culture and decision-making.

  • Strategic Agility

    Strategic Agility

    Master strategic decision-making that adapts to challenges across nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors, driving sustainable impact.

What You’ll Get

  • Skills4Good AI Academy Certificate

    Skills4Good AI Academy Certificate

    Complete the program and earn a certificate that showcases your understanding of Diversity & Inclusion in Nonprofit Governance fundamentals.

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