Generative AI Ethics & Risks Fundamentals

Generative AI Ethics & Risks Fundamentals

Generative AI Ethics & Risks Fundamentals

Generative AI Ethics & Risks Fundamentals


Navigate the complex ethical terrain of generative AI and master risk management strategies tailored to its unique challenges, such as deepfakes and automated content creation. This course equips you to ensure that the deployment of generative technologies adheres to ethical standards and promotes a positive impact in our increasingly digital society.

What You’ll Learn

  • Generative AI Ethical Principles

    Generative AI Ethical Principles

    Unpack the ethical guidelines specific to generative AI, including the challenges of authenticity, copyright, and consent.

  • Risk Identification in Generative AI Models

    Risk Identification in Generative AI Models

    Learn to pinpoint and address the unique risks posed by generative AI, such as misinformation and privacy breaches.

  • Case Studies on Generative AI

    Case Studies on Generative AI

    Examine case studies highlighting the ethical dilemmas and solutions in generative AI applications, from art and media to synthetic data.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: The Ethical Landscape of Generative AI
Lesson 2: Generative AI and the Challenge of Deepfakes
Lesson 3: Copyright and Intellectual Property in the Age of AI
Lesson 4: Ensuring Consent and Authenticity in Generative Content
Lesson 5: Transparency and Accountability in AI-Generated Outputs
Lesson 6: Mitigating Bias and Discrimination in Generative Models
Lesson 7: Privacy Concerns with Synthetic Data Generation
Lesson 8: Generative AI in Creative Industries: Ethical Considerations
Lesson 9: Developing Responsible Generative AI Guidelines
Lesson 10: The Future of Generative AI Ethics: Emerging Trends

Master Responsible AI & Achieve AI for Good

Why These Skills Are Essential

  • Navigate Generative AI’s Ethical Terrain

    Navigate Generative AI’s Ethical Terrain

    Gain the knowledge to ethically steer generative AI projects, ensuring they enhance creativity without compromising ethical standards.

  • Address Generative AI Risks

    Address Generative AI Risks

    Equip yourself with strategies to mitigate the distinct risks of generative AI, safeguarding against harm and ensuring responsible use.

  • Lead with Ethical Innovation

    Lead with Ethical Innovation

    Position yourself as a leader in the ethical implementation of generative AI, fostering innovation that respects human rights and societal norms.

What You’ll Get

  • Skills4Good AI Academy Certificate

    Skills4Good AI Academy Certificate

    Complete the program and earn a certificate that showcases your understanding of Generative AI Ethics and Risk fundamentals.

  • Increases Revenues

    Resource Toolkit

    Access an extensive toolkit of AI tools and resources, enhancing the practical application of AI and Responsible AI principles in your projects.

  • Advanced Assessments & Gamification

    Advanced Assessments & Gamification

    Engage with advanced assessment tools to solidify your understanding, and enjoy the process through motivating gamification, ensuring both effective learning and enjoyable progress.

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