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Skills4Good AI Academy

Skills4Good AI Academy

Membership Advantage

Skills4Good AI Academy Membership Advantage

Embark on a journey with the Skills4Good AI Academy, where hybrid learning meets innovation.

Experience our membership benefits. They offer asynchronous on-demand lessons, practical, hands-on experiences and vibrant community engagement.

This comprehensive approach enriches your learning and supports your continuous growth and leadership in the AI field.

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Exclusive Membership Benefits

  • Responsible AI Mastery

    Responsible AI Mastery

    Master Responsible AI principles through real-world applications.

  • Skills4Good AI Certification

    Skills4Good AI Certification

    Earn certifications in Responsible AI and specialized programs.

  • Unlock 100+ On-Demand Lessons

    100+ On-Demand Lessons

    Access a comprehensive library of AI lessons.

  • Monthly Members-Only Events

    Monthly Members-Only Events

    Network with AI experts and industry leaders.

  • Community Knowledge Exchange

    Community Knowledge Exchange

    Collaborate and learn on a members-only platform.

  • New Lessons Regularly Added

    New Lessons Regularly Added

    Stay current with updated AI topics and trends.

  • Knowledge Base of Tools

    Knowledge Base of Tools

    Access extensive resources for practical AI application.

  • Access Advanced Assessment Tools

    Advanced Assessment Tools

    Enhance learning retention with targeted quizzes and surveys.

  • Experience Engaging Gamification

    Engaging Gamification

    Learn through engaging, interactive content.

  • Exclusive Online Portal Access

    Exclusive Platform Access

    Get the latest AI insights and resources through our dedicated portal.

Explore Our Responsible AI Curriculum

100+ On-Demand Lessons

Dive into our catalog of over 100 top-quality, on-demand video lessons. Designed for practical application, our curriculum spans foundational topics, ensuring a well-rounded understanding in areas such as:

Master Responsible AI & Achieve AI for Good

Meet Our AI Academy Head

Josephine Yam

Josephine Yam, J.D., LLM., MA Philosophy (AI Ethics)

AI Lawyer / AI Ethicist / Skills4Good AI’s CEO & Co-Founder

Josephine is the CEO & Co-Founder of Skills4Good AI, an accomplished AI Lawyer, AI Ethicist and TEDx Speaker. Her expertise is widely recognized, earning her numerous accolades globally. She graduated from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Program. She holds both a Master of Laws degree and a Master of Arts in Philosophy - AI Ethics degree.

She completed advanced studies at Harvard University, the University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia. Licensed to practice law in New York, Ontario, Alberta and the Philippines, Josephine contributes the Standards Council of Canada's ISO AI Committee and the Center for AI & Digital Policy. Her scholarly work includes co-authoring two international peer-reviewed journal articles on Responsible AI.

Watch Josephine Yam’s TEDx Talk

Explore a more just, equitable, and human-centered AI world through Josephine's insightful TEDx talk.

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