AI Ethics & Risks Fundamentals

AI Ethics & Risks Fundamentals

AI Ethics & Risks Fundamentals

AI Ethics & Risks Fundamentals


Explore the critical principles and challenges of the ethical risks of artificial intelligence. This course equips you to understand and manage the ethical implications of AI technologies, such as fairness, accountability, and transparency. Prepare to lead in the ethical application of AI across various sectors with practical best business practices.

What You’ll Learn

  • Ethical Foundations and Principles

    Ethical Foundations and Principles

    Understand the core ethical principles guiding AI development and usage, emphasizing the importance of privacy, fairness, accountability, and transparency.

  • Risk Management and Impact Assessment

    Risk Management and Impact Assessment

    Learn to assess and manage the social, economic, and ethical risks associated with AI technologies, ensuring your initiatives contribute positively to society.

  • Strategies for Ethical AI Implementation

    Strategies for Ethical AI Implementation

    Acquire practical strategies for integrating ethical considerations into AI development, focusing on real-life applications and compliance with global data protection regulations.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: What is AI Ethics
Lesson 2: Benefits of AI Ethics
Lesson 3: Limitations of AI Ethics
Lesson 4: AI Ethics Principles & Risks
Lesson 5: Privacy Principle
Lesson 6: Accountability Principle
Lesson 7: Safety & Security Principles
Lesson 8: Transparency & Explainability Principles
Lesson 9: Fairness & Non-Discrimination Principles
Lesson 10: Human Control of Technology Principle
Lesson 11: Professional Responsibility Principle
Lesson 12: Promotion of Human Rights Principle

Master Responsible AI & Achieve AI for Good

Why These Skills Are Essential

  • Framework for Ethical Decision-Making

    Framework for Ethical Decision-Making

    Learn to apply ethical frameworks to AI challenges, ensuring decisions align with core human values.

  • Tools for Responsible Innovation

    Tools for Responsible Innovation

    Gain insights into creating AI solutions that respect privacy, ensure fairness, and are safe and secure.

  • Responsible AI Skills to Lead Initiatives

    Responsible AI Skills to Lead Initiatives

    Prepare to spearhead ethical AI initiatives, fostering trust and safety in technology while addressing complex social issues.

What You’ll Get

  • Skills4Good AI Academy Certificate

    Skills4Good AI Academy Certificate

    Complete the program and earn a certificate that showcases your understanding of AI Ethics & Risks fundamentals.

  • Increases Revenues

    Resource Toolkit

    Access an extensive toolkit of AI tools and resources, enhancing the practical application of AI and Responsible AI principles in your projects.

  • Advanced Assessments & Gamification

    Advanced Assessments & Gamification

    Engage with advanced assessment tools to solidify your understanding, and enjoy the process through motivating gamification, ensuring both effective learning and enjoyable progress.

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