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Privacy & AI compliance is critical
to trust, accountability, and competitiveness in the Age of AI.

Skills4Good AI is an award-winning global Privacy & AI compliance training and managed services provider.

Our Skills4Good Academy is a recognized leader in Privacy & AI training solutions, focusing on workforce digital upskilling and training in the Age of AI, including Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) leadership training. We also specialize in effortless Privacy & AI Compliance for growing organizations. Our Done-For-You Compliance Packages ensure you’re compliant and ahead - all year round.

We work with North American large corporations, governments, and nonprofits to help them achieve purpose-driven leadership, promote responsible innovation, and advance Tech4Good.

Our customers include the Royal Bank of Canada, Shell Canada, Enbridge, Equifax, Accenture, the Government of Canada, Competent Boards Inc., and the World Trade Center Denver (US), among others.

We’re here to transform Tech4Good
into your brand’s distinctive
competitive advantage.

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Our Origin & Purpose

Beyond Compliance Towards Tech4Good

Our roots are firmly planted in a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We started as a pioneering platform for board matchmaking with top-tier clients such as the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Shell, Accenture, Equifax, and Enbridge.

In a time of rapid digital transformation, our CEO and co-founder, Josephine Yam, armed with her Master’s degrees in Law and Philosophy (AI Ethics), and our COO and co-founder, Angelo Narciso, armed with his tech & engineering expertise, recognized the urgent need to expand Skills4Good’s purpose to champion equity, diversity, and inclusion in the rapidly evolving AI-driven world.

With this expanded vision and leveraging our deep-rooted commitment to fostering a more inclusive digital future using Privacy & Human Rights By Design, Skills4Good AI evolved.

As North America’s leading provider of Privacy & AI compliance training and managed services, we enable organizations to harness technology for profit and meaningful, human-centric transformation through Tech4Good.

Our purpose is to transform Tech4Good into your brand’s strategic competitive advantage.

Meet Our Founders

Josephine Yam

Josephine Yam, JD, LLM, MA Phil. (AI Ethics)

CEO & Co-Founder

Josephine is an AI lawyer, AI ethicist, and tech entrepreneur. With a lawyer’s mind and an entrepreneur’s heart, she is passionate about advancing equity, diversity & inclusion to ensure a human-centered AI world.

Angelo Narciso

Angelo Narciso, Bsc. IE

COO & Co-Founder

As an industrial engineer and tech entrepreneur, Angelo is driven to solve problems using customer-centric design thinking. He’s always tinkering with novel ideas on how tech can be leveraged for good to build the world we want.

Meet Our Advisors

  • Andrea Martin

    Andrea Martin

    PRS for Music

  • David Chalmers

    David Chalmers

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Heather Tulk

    Heather Tulk

    Commercial & Public Sector

  • Leah Perry

    Leah Perry

    Senior Manager
    Clean Tech, Venture Services
    MaRS Discovery District

  • Maricelle Narciso

    Maricelle Narciso

    Board Director
    Skills4Good AI

  • Pauline Couture

    Pauline Couture

    Pauline Couture & Associates

  • Susan McLennan

    Susan McLennan

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Terry Allen

    Terry Allen

    Pivotal Capital Advisory Group

Awards & Recognition

  • Top 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics
    Top 100 Brilliant Women in
    AI Ethics
  • Leader in Responsible AI Recognized by the RAII
    Leader in Responsible AI
    Recognized by the RAII
  • TEDx Speaker,
    TEDx Speaker, "How to
    Right Algorithmic Wrongs"
  • RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awardee
    RBC Top 25 Canadian
    Immigrant Awardee
  • Top 21 Asian Entrepreneurs Shaking Up Canada
    Top 21 Asian Entrepreneurs
    Shaking Up Canada
  • Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World Award
    Most Influential Filipina Woman
    in the World Award

Customers & Partners

Transforming Organizations
From Compliance to Tech4Good

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2500, 120 Adelaide St. West
Toronto, ON M5H 1T1 Canada
+1 866 503 3320

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