In a significant development for the Canadian tech industry, Communitech and Skills4Good AI have joined forces to empower entrepreneurs in operationalizing Responsible AI through Communitech’s Good AI Program.

Communitech, Canada’s Tech Supercharger, has helped entrepreneurs build strong teams, access capital, and commercialize products for over 25 years.

As Communitech’s Preferred Privacy & AI Compliance Training Partner, Skills4Good AI will provide entrepreneurs with essential educational and training resources to incorporate responsible AI practices into developing and deploying their AI products.

Skills4Good AI, an award-winning global Privacy & AI compliance training and managed services provider, serves organizations across the US and Canada.

Communitech’s Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Tuer, remarked: 

Communitech is committed to helping our founders integrate ethical AI principles into product design cycles through our Good AI initiative, beginning with fostering literacy in this crucial area.   

Our enthusiasm is high for our partnership with Skills4Good AI, 

as their mandate perfectly complements our goal by addressing the digital skills gap in privacy and responsible AI.”

Josephine Yam, Skills4Good’s CEO & Co-Founder, added:

Skills4Good AI’s partnership with Communitech allows us to amplify our impact and assist startups and SMBs in realizing the transformative potential of AI to achieve Tech For Good. 

Our mission aligns perfectly with Communitech’s mission, 

as we both help ensure that organizations are developing and using AI technologies that are innovative, responsible, and trustworthy.”

Members of Communitech will benefit from a host of exclusive advantages through this partnership:

  • Complimentary Access to Skills4Good AI’s “Top 10 Privacy Compliance Tips for SMBs and Startups” online course and eBook ($169 value)
  • Monthly Privacy, AI, and Generative AI thought leadership from Skills4Good AI
  • Webinar events on the emerging trends and best practices in Privacy, AI, and Generative AI from Skills4Good AI

This Communitech – Skills4Good AI partnership underscores a commitment to providing invaluable resources to help startups and SMBs confidently navigate the complex AI-driven landscape, build trust, and advance AI For Good.

Communitech members, grow and scale your tech innovations responsibly! 
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