We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar: “How to Navigate Privacy & AI Risks,” featuring our very own Josephine Yam, Skills4Good AI’s CEO & Co-Founder, on November 15!

This insightful event on November 15 is a partnership initiative between Skills4Good AI and Communitech, Canada’s Tech Supercharger.

Josephine Yam is a distinguished AI Lawyer, ethicist, and TEDx Speaker. She stands out as a multi-awarded entrepreneur and one of Canada’s premier thought leaders in Responsible AI. 

Don’t miss this chance to attend this free webinar to learn how to harness Tech For Good!

Webinar Highlights 

  • The double challenge. Tech founders face the dual responsibility of ensuring AI and privacy legal compliance while harnessing technology’s vast potential. 

  • The price of non-compliance. Beyond legal ramifications, noncompliance can severely erode trust and halt an organization’s momentum. 

  • Positive insights. Walk away with a clear understanding of how to face these challenges and maximize the transformative potential of AI, ultimately championing Tech For Good.

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