Our CEO and Co-Founder, Josephine Yam, is a featured panel speaker at the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute’s RAISE Conference.  

She will participate in the panel discussion “The Future of Responsible AI: Emerging Trends, Challenges, A Call To Action” together with experts :

  • Ashley Pantuliano of OpenAI 
  • Paul Dongha PhD of Lloyds Banking Group
  • Kai Zenner of the European Parliament and  
  • Alyssa Lefaivre Skopac of Responsible AI Institute 

As a leading AI lawyer, ethicist, and tech entrepreneur, Josephine will share her firsthand insights on the challenges and opportunities at the crossroads of technology, law, and ethics.  

This panel discussion explores emerging trends, challenges, and imperatives for responsible AI. Panelists will examine frontier technologies like generative AI and discuss risks requiring vigilant governance.  

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