Skills4Good matched Christine with the board of Aspen Family & Community Network, a nonprofit that empowers people and their communities to overcome barriers and establish the conditions needed for long-term success. Aspen helps people move from vulnerability to stability, from poverty to economic and social resilience, and from isolation to active participation in their community.

This Skills4Good Spotlight series shines a spotlight on some amazing corporate employees who generously share their time, talent and treasure with nonprofits as they help build resilient communities. We recognize and thank corporations and their employees for their meaningful social impact in strengthening nonprofits.

Enbridge is a Skills4Good Client. It is a North American leader in delivering energy. It’s been consistently recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers.

Meet Christine Neff

Q: Why did Enbridge engage Skills4Good?

A: My former employer Enbridge has a strong focus on employee development as well as community engagement. At the executive employee level, that focus was demonstrated through service on a nonprofit board. The nonprofit community is something that is valued, but for most corporations there is little exposure to the breadth of the opportunities.

I thought the Skills4Good Board Matching Program was excellent. It was very open and I could ask anything. There are different expectations of boards, financial and otherwise, so I felt much better equipped to navigate this new landscape.

Q: Why did you participate in the Skills4Good program?

A: I am a lifelong volunteer. It is important to me to contribute to the community I live in and add as much value as I can. I recognized that I had skills gained through my industry experience that could be helpful to a nonprofit board, but I had very little knowledge of nonprofit governance or the opportunities that exist. I signed up for the program to broaden my knowledge and find a suitable match.

Q: Why did you choose to serve on the Aspen board?

A: Aspen is fantastic! It is truly a leader in its sector with researched based delivery of social service programs. It aligns with my values and priorities both in the exemplary way it is run and in the impactful services it delivers. It is making a measurable difference in the lives of many Calgarians.

Q: What is the positive impact of your board service on your personal and professional goals?

A: There are so many positive benefits from serving on a nonprofit board. It’s an excellent opportunity to expand my network with like-minded individuals. I apply my knowledge and experience in a very different setting providing a great intellectual challenge. And I can share in the accomplishments of the agency. It is also a great learning opportunity!

Q: What invaluable contributions do you bring to the Aspen board?

A: I have a strong business sense that extends to areas of risk, human resources, strategic planning, key performance indicator development among others. Our board has members with varied backgrounds and true diversity of thought. It's based on that principle that I was asked to serve on the finance and risk committee --- the only engineer there. I also bring my dependability, enthusiasm and positive outlook which is helpful in any volunteer situation.

Q: Could you share an inspirational story or insight from your board service?

A: At many board meetings, a staff member from the agency will come and share a story of an individual that Aspen has helped. They are all so impactful and really help you see the value you are bringing to the greater community.

Nonprofit Recognizes Christine’s Invaluable Contributions

Note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity and length.

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