We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar: “ChatGPT in Business: Navigating Risks and Rewards to Achieve AI For Good,” featuring our very own Josephine Yam, Skills4Good AI’s CEO & Co-Founder, on February 8!

This insightful event is a partnership initiative between Skills4Good AI and WBE Canada.

Josephine Yam is a distinguished AI Lawyer, ethicist, and TEDx Speaker. She stands out as a multi-awarded entrepreneur, and one of Canada’s premier thought leaders in Responsible AI.

Don’t miss this chance to attend this webinar to learn how to harness AI For Good!

Webinar Highlights: 

In today’s AI-centric business environment, leaders and entrepreneurs face a significant challenge: the lack of understanding of the risks and rewards of using AI and ChatGPT technologies. This digital skills gap can lead to potentially biased outcomes, erode customer trust, and damage your brand.

Bridging this digital skills gap is crucial, and Skills4Good AI, an award-winning online education company in Responsible AI, is at the forefront of upskilling leaders and entrepreneurs in this movement.

Josephine will offer you strategic insights into the critical role of AI in business, focusing on responsibly navigating its risks and rewards to champion AI For Good.

Why You Should Attend: 

  • You will learn ChatGPT applications to boost productivity & innovation in your organization
  • You will gain insights on how to manage AI risks when you use ChatGPT to protect your brand and reputation
  • You will discover ethical AI practices to incorporate into your workflow to achieve AI For Good

Join us to future-proof your organization in this AI-driven era! 

Register now: https://wbecanada.ca/event/chatgpt-in-business/