Privacy & AI Compliance Simplified for SMBs

Enjoy Peace of Mind

The digital world is evolving, and so are privacy laws.

Stay ahead with our seamless, “done-for-you” compliance management solutions for SMBs.

Skills4Good Compliance Packages

The Challenge

Privacy & AI Challenges

Running an SMB and navigating complex privacy & AI laws without a dedicated team is challenging.

Here’s what’s at stake:

  • Big fines affecting your bottom line.
  • Potentially eroding customer and partner trust.
  • Being outpaced by competitors in a trust-driven digital world.

Our Solution

Skills4Good AI Privacy Experts

Done-For-You Compliance Packages

Our managed services packages for Privacy & AI compliance go beyond just software tools. We manage, monitor, and ensure your compliance all year round.

Our packages let you focus on business growth and enjoy peace of mind.

Choose from our Bronze, Silver, or Gold annual subscription packages, designed to match your needs.

Bronze Package

What's In It

Website Compliance & Consent Management

Your Benefit

Peace of Mind

Why It's Essential

  • External Risk Management: Stay compliant and trustworthy online.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Keep up with legal standards and best practices.
  • Reliable Support: Our team of compliance experts has got your back.

Silver Package

What's In It

Skills4Good AI Academy Access including Bronze Package

Your Benefit

Privacy & AI-Ethics Trained Employees and Peace of Mind

Why It's Essential

  • Employee Upskilling: Give your team crucial knowledge on privacy and responsible AI.
  • Beyond Compliance: Transition from compliance to a Privacy-first & Responsible AI culture.
  • Digital Integrity: With our experts, ensure a trustworthy online presence and risk management.

Gold Package

What's In It

Complete Privacy & AI Risk Management, including Silver Package

Your Benefit

Strategic Edge & Privacy & AI-Ethics Trained Employees

Why It's Essential

  • Complete Coverage: Manages external and internal risks from website compliance to algorithmic impact assessments.
  • Innovation Boost: Give your team the skills to lead in privacy & AI best practices.
  • Strategic Growth: Transform compliance from a challenge into a business growth opportunity.

Ease your privacy & AI compliance worries.

Explore how our managed services packages have got you covered.

Benefits of “Done-For-You” Compliance Packages

Save Time

Save Time

Channel those saved hours towards your core business.

Save on Costs

Save Money

Value-driven compliance without the heavy price tag.

Reduce Risks

Minimize Risks

Rely on our year-round privacy & AI compliance expertise.

Beyond Benefits: The Skills4Good AI Advantage

Skills4Good AI Competitive Advantage

Elevate Your Business with Skills4Good AI

  • Go Beyond Compliance: Transition from essential compliance to market leadership.
  • Upskill Your Team: Our Academy empowers your employees with digital skills.
  • Craft a Competitive Edge: Turn privacy & AI compliance into your winning strategy.

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