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Generative AI & Prompt Engineering Program.

Generative AI Program

Generative AI & Prompt Engineering Program

Who Should Take This Program

Skills4Good AI Academy GenAI Program

  • This is a hybrid program that’s ideal for professionals across various fields, such as Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Services, and Finance, who are utilizing or planning to integrate Generative AI, like ChatGPT, into their work.
  • It offers a structured yet flexible learning format, combining the benefits of guided instruction with self-paced study.
  • This program is especially beneficial for those looking to understand these technologies better. It also teaches them how to apply ethical AI practices effectively in their respective industries, giving them a distinct advantage in the rapidly evolving digital workplace.

Why This Program Is A Must

In an era where Generative AI is redefining creativity and automation, our Generative AI and Prompt Engineering Program is critical for staying relevant. This 4-week hybrid program offers your team the tools to harness this transformative technology:

Skills4Good AI GenAI Program Is a Must

Unlock Creative Potential

Empower your team with the skills to leverage Generative AI, driving innovation in everything from content creation to complex problem-solving.

Upskill with Crucial Digital Skills

Tailor your team’s expertise to master Prompt Engineering, a crucial skill set for effectively directing AI applications

Responsible AI Focus

Ensure your team is skilled technically and ethically, prepared to use Generative AI responsibly, maintaining trust and integrity in a world wary of AI’s power.

By investing in this course, you’re not just upskilling your team but positioning your organization at the leading edge of the Generative AI revolution.

What the Program Includes

Skills4Good AI GenAI Program Includes

  • Duration: Intensive 4-week journey
  • Format: Hybrid model, combining self-paced online curriculum with live interactive sessions
  • Cohort Size: Exclusive to groups with a minimum of 15 participants, fostering a tailored and interactive experience
  • Flexibility: Multiple cohorts per month to fit your schedule
  • Capstone Project: Participants culminate with real-world AI projects that deliver organizational benefits
  • Certificate of Completion: Testament to participants acquiring advanced skills in cutting-edge technology.

Meet the Head of the Skills4Good AI Academy

Josephine Yam

Josephine Yam, J.D., LLM., MA Philosophy (AI Ethics)

AI Lawyer / AI Ethicist / Skills4Good AI’s CEO & Co-Founder

Josephine is an AI Lawyer, AI Ethicist, and Skills4Good AI’s CEO & Co-Founder.

As an AI lawyer, AI ethicist, and TEDx speaker, Josephine has received several awards and recognition, including:

  • TEDx Talk Speaker on “How To Right Algorithmic Wrongs
  • Top 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics
  • Responsible AI Institute’s Leader in Responsible AI
  • Top 21 Asian Entrepreneurs Shaking Up Canada
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award
  • Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World (London, UK)
  • One of Canada’s Most Successful Immigrants - featured in the Ontario, Canada Government-sponsored “Making It in Canada” TV documentary series aired internationally in over 50 countries.

Josephine graduated from Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Program. She obtained her Master of Arts in Philosophy degree specializing in AI Ethics at the University of Guelph. Her AI Ethics graduate degree strategically complements her Master of Laws degree at the University of Calgary. Josephine also pursued advanced legal education at Harvard Law School and the University of Toronto. She also received the Award of Achievement in Diversity & Inclusion from the University of British Columbia. She’s been admitted to practice law in New York (USA), Alberta (Canada), Ontario (Canada), and the Philippines.

Today, she serves on the Standards Council of Canada Mirror Committee ISO/EC on Artificial Intelligence. She is also an AI Policy Expert Specialist with the Washington DC-based Center for AI & Digital Policy. She has co-authored two international peer-reviewed journal articles on AI & mental health and AI & HR recruitment.

As a woman, a person of color, and an immigrant entrepreneur, Josephine passionately advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion in AI to create a human-centered AI world.

Watch Josephine Yam’s TEDx Talk

“How To Right Algorithmic Wrongs”

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The Skills4Good AI Advantage

Skills4Good AI Advantage

Structured Yet Flexible Learning

This hybrid course on Generative AI combines live, instructor-led sessions with the convenience of self-paced modules. This structure ensures a thorough grasp of AI concepts while accommodating diverse learning preferences.

Expertise in Generative AI and Ethics

Learn from a curriculum rich in technical and ethical aspects of AI, primarily focused on Generative AI technologies like ChatGPT. This dual focus prepares you for the technological and moral complexities of AI implementation.

Practical Application and Ethical Leadership

Gain invaluable skills in applying Generative AI in real-world scenarios, emphasizing ethical decision-making. This course equips you to lead and innovate in your field, using AI responsibly and effectively.

Invest in Your Team’s Future Today

Don’t let your organization fall behind. Skills4Good AI’s program is more than a course; it’s an investment in your team’s growth and your organization’s future. With our customized, cohort-based approach, we ensure that your team not only learns AI but leads with it.

For Individual Professionals

If you’re an individual eager to upskill in Generative AI and Prompt Engineering, contact us to join our waitlist. We’ll place you in an upcoming cohort, allowing you to learn alongside like-minded professionals.

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