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Complimentary Top 10 Privacy Compliance Tips for SMBs Course

Skills4Good AI Top 10 Privacy Compliance Tips

Knowledge Is Power

Complimentary Privacy Course for SMBs

World Trade Center - Denver

As a Partner & Proud Member of the World Trade Center - Denver, Skills4Good AI is pleased to offer:

Exclusive FREE Access to fellow World Trade Center - Denver Members to our Top 10 Privacy Compliance Tips for Startups & SMBs

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The Challenge

Privacy & AI Challenges

Data privacy laws constantly change, making compliance difficult for SMBs lacking privacy training. Non-compliance risks fines, consumer trust loss, and a damaged reputation, threatening your company’s survival.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

Our Solution

Skills4Good AI Solutions

Knowledge is power. Turn your privacy challenges into a competitive advantage.

Regularly valued at $129, we’re offering this course for FREE to fellow World Trade Center - Denver Members. It provides practical knowledge on managing your privacy compliance needs.

Helping you build trust and your competitive advantage.

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Course Benefits



You’ll gain the necessary knowledge to take your global privacy compliance efforts to the next level. The course has interesting use cases and real-life examples to keep you learning.

Great Value

Great Value

With our expert advice and tips, you’ll know how to boost your global privacy management program. You’ll learn how to navigate the ever-changing global privacy regulatory landscape with ease.



You’ll easily access the course on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. You can easily fit each micro-learning program module into your busy schedule.

Course Topics

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  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: What is Data Privacy?
  • Module 3: What is Personal Data?
  • Module 4: What is Privacy Accountability?
  • Module 5: Tip #1: Appoint a Privacy Lead
  • Module 6: Tip #2: Know Your Data
  • Module 7: Tip #3: Know the Law
  • Module 8: Tip #4: Know Your Risks
  • Module 9: Tip #5: Maintain a Privacy Compliant Website
  • Module 10: Tip #6: Maintain an Updated Privacy Policy
  • Module 11: Tip #7: Know Your Third-Party Risks
  • Module 12: Tip #8: Provide Employee Privacy Training
  • Module 13: Tip #9: Control Access to Your Data
  • Module 14: Tip #10: Monitor your Privacy Compliance Journey
  • Module 15: Conclusion
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Top 10 Privacy Compliance Tips course designed for?

This course is tailored for organizations dealing with privacy compliance across different regions. Ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees, it provides ten actionable, practical tips for kickstarting compliance. No legal, privacy, compliance, or IT background is required.

When will I have access to the course?

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll have immediate access.

How much time do I need?

This course includes 17 self-guided online modules, accessible anytime, anywhere, and a supportive e-book in practical, non-technical language.

Designed for five-minute segments, the entire course and e-book review typically take 60-90 minutes. A multiple-choice quiz follows each module to reinforce learning.

How long can I access the course?

You can access the course for 30 days from the date of your enrolment in the course. If you do not earn your course completion certificate within 30 days, your registration will expire, and you will need to pay to re-enroll for the course.

How do I enable closed captions to see the text of the video?

Click / Tap the “CC” icon at the bottom right of the video to enable captions. To disable the captions, click / tap the “CC” icon again.

Do I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes. After you complete the course, you will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion.

Can we contact you if we need help with our privacy management program?

Absolutely! You can contact us to book a free 30-minute consultation.

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