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Skills4Good AI Academy Workshops

Customized AI Workshops

Who Are These Workshops For?

Skills4Good AI Academy Workshops

  • Ideal for organizations hosting internal training sessions to provide their staff with a practical understanding of AI trends and best practices.
  • Essential for businesses and governments committed to advancing their team’s AI capabilities through bespoke learning experiences.

Why Our Workshops Are Invaluable

With our workshops, your team doesn’t just learn AI—they learn to use AI for Good, ensuring your organization’s growth matches its commitment to ethical practices. Our workshops:

Skills4Good AI Academy Workshops

  • Offer a condensed, engaging overview of AI’s impact on business and governance.
  • Equip staff with the knowledge to harness AI tools for efficiency and innovation ethically.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptability in an AI-driven world.

What Our Workshops Include

Skills4Good AI Academy Workshops

  • Interactive, expert-led sessions tailored to organizational needs.
  • Practical insights into Generative AI trends, Prompt Engineering applications, and ethical AI frameworks.
  • Hands-on activities to integrate AI learning into your team’s daily practices.

Meet the Head of the Skills4Good AI Academy

Josephine Yam

Josephine Yam, J.D., LLM., MA Philosophy (AI Ethics)

AI Lawyer / AI Ethicist / Skills4Good AI’s CEO & Co-Founder

Josephine is an AI Lawyer, AI Ethicist, and Skills4Good AI’s CEO & Co-Founder.

As an AI lawyer, AI ethicist, and TEDx speaker, Josephine has received several awards and recognition, including:

  • TEDx Talk Speaker on “How To Right Algorithmic Wrongs
  • Top 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics
  • Responsible AI Institute’s Leader in Responsible AI
  • Top 21 Asian Entrepreneurs Shaking Up Canada
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award
  • Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World (London, UK)
  • One of Canada’s Most Successful Immigrants - featured in the Ontario, Canada Government-sponsored “Making It in Canada” TV documentary series aired internationally in over 50 countries.

Josephine graduated from Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Program. She obtained her Master of Arts in Philosophy degree specializing in AI Ethics at the University of Guelph. Her AI Ethics graduate degree strategically complements her Master of Laws degree at the University of Calgary. Josephine also pursued advanced legal education at Harvard Law School and the University of Toronto. She also received the Award of Achievement in Diversity & Inclusion from the University of British Columbia. She’s been admitted to practice law in New York (USA), Alberta (Canada), Ontario (Canada), and the Philippines.

Today, she serves on the Standards Council of Canada Mirror Committee ISO/EC on Artificial Intelligence. She is also an AI Policy Expert Specialist with the Washington DC-based Center for AI & Digital Policy. She has co-authored two international peer-reviewed journal articles on AI & mental health and AI & HR recruitment.

As a woman, a person of color, and an immigrant entrepreneur, Josephine passionately advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion in AI to create a human-centered AI world.

Watch Josephine Yam’s TEDx Talk

“How To Right Algorithmic Wrongs”

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